Insights In Review:
A/B Monitoring

What are faster, smarter iteration cycles worth to you? Now you don't have to guess...

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Intelligence to Power Quick and Confident Decisions

A/B tests offer a direct path to iterative improvements, but they can also be tedious. Too often those tests are not monitored and managed with due precision & punctuality. When that happens it leaves actionable insights to wither and (sometimes) die on the vine — or worse, it could lead to wrong conclusions.

Not so with oolo! Using sequential probability algorithms, oolo monitors all active tests — alerting you when maturity is reached and conclusions can be drawn.

Better still, oolo calculates the applicable delta — giving you a clear idea of exactly how much stands to be gained by acting pursuant to test conclusions.

In this sample report (based on real client results), we highlight the impact potential of oolo's A/B monitoring over a 30-day window.

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