The only monitoring solution with monetization at its core

Routine data review tasks gobble up precious time & resources while only touching a small fraction of the relevant information. 

Now, there's a better way. 


Available now with push-button integration

  • 1. Integrate

  • 2. Scan    

  • 3. Interpret

  • 4. Improve


Group 3032oolo ingests different data types to generate a context-aware God Mode view of the operation — spanning setup, delivery, user behavior, and performance.

Integration with data sources is fast and painless. For users of ironSource's or MAX's mediation, simply open a new read-only user for and provide your oolo account manager with the API key. (Write API is optional)

For users of different mediation services, integration is similarly achieved through API or the use of s3 buckets.

Data Scanning

Group 3031Pulling from mediation and other sources, oolo scans and monitors your app datascape 24/7 proactively reviewing all metrics across all dimensions for the entire portfolio.

This step is entirely passive on the user side and runs continuously in the background.

Data Interpretation

Group 3033Comparing trends across the portfolio & industry, oolo highlights actionable business problems & opportunities.

Predictive algorithms are used to generate a forecast that considers each metric independently and inter-relationally. Forecasts are compared to live data to automatically identify and validate anomalies.

oolo delivers instant operational oversight, insight, and control in a way that no human ever could.

Continuous Improvement

Group 3035Aligning professionals with different agendas & core competencies, oolo provides a shared viewpoint for Monetization, Growth, and Data Science.

Delivering just a handful of daily alerts on the things that really matter, oolo unburdens app teams from tedious and time-consuming data review ⁠— helping them focus on optimization and growth.

Issued via desktop notifications, in-system communications, and email, alerts explain the issue's root cause and give a dollar-value impact estimate — so tasks can be easily planned and smartly prioritized.


oolo strips away the noise to amplify the noteworthy

Even with trained eyes and applied analytics, some performance issues leave faint footprints. Those issues, subtly expressed as they are, can add up to have a big impact on monetization.  oolo is simply invaluable for us  to find and fix those issues.”

oolo is  a must-have for modern monetization and UA . It eliminates manual monitoring and allows us to focus on strategy instead of firefighting... As the industry gets more complex and current processes become unscalable, I believe oolo will emerge as a new market standard.”

Over the last 17 years, I’ve managed some of the world’s biggest publisher monetization operations. In that time, oolo is easily  one of the strongest solutions I’ve encountered .”