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To contend with
unbounded complexity,
you need complete clarity!

Drawing on proprietary machine learning technology and deep industry know-how, oolo understands your data and its business implications on a level unmatched.

To learn more about how oolo detects, alerts on, and unpacks the issues hiding in publisher data stacks, please provide the details of your inquiry in the accompanying form.

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“Even with trained eyes and applied analytics, some performance issues leave faint footprints. Those issues, subtly expressed as they are, can add up to have a big impact on monetization. oolo is simply invaluable for us to find and fix those issues.”

Noa Brodny,

Monetization Analyst

“I've been working with the oolo team for over a year now and it's been a fantastic experience.”

Jan Pollack,

Sr. Ad Monetization Manager

“I’m a big fan of the oolo solution. It not only has our backs with round-the-clock monitoring and anomaly detection, but it clearly quantifies and prioritizes our issues in financial terms. No other solution understands our industry, let alone our business, well enough to do that.”

Peter Horstmann,

VP Business Intelligence

“Over the last 17 years, I’ve managed some of the world’s biggest publisher monetization operations. In that time, oolo is easily one of the strongest solutions I’ve encountered.”

Tony Patel,

Chief Yield Officer